Burning Theorsa

Session 04 - Sailing West


The Black Hand – newly acquired from the Theorsan army – slips quietly into the dark harbor. As the crew makes ready for the journey to Kashkir, Captain Cailan accuses Sir Baldric of leaving too many loose ends. Meanwhile, the crew hauls Moya’s former master, Houdin, from his hiding spot below deck. His eyes widen as he recognizes her. Eogan’s affliction, temporary as it may be, has yet to be noticed by the pirate crew.

In the distance, the torches and lanterns of Dwyr Tywyll slip away into the dark. Kashkir lies months ahead.

Roll Summary

Eogan: Faith OB2, 2s

Moya vs. Cailan DoW
Moya SoP: No further needless bloodshed. BOA: 8
Cailan SoP: This is my ship! All hands will follow orders! BOA: 7
Result: Moya wins!
Compromise: Paid for Houdin: Ob 1 Res, 1s

Falsehood vs Ob 6, BL – 2s

Cooking vs Ob 3, – 5s

Usurper-Wise vs Ob 3 – 2s

Falshehood vs Ob 4 -4s
Persuasion vs Ob 5 – 3sz
Sorcery vs Ob 5 – 6s

Artha Awards

Fate: 3, 1 Right Skill Right Time

Fate: 2
Persona: 1, 1 Workhorse

Fate: 2
Persona: 1

Fate: 1
Persona: 1


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