Burning Theorsa

Session 02 - An Immanent Threat?


After a tussle at the bar between Sir Madoc, and the subsequent failed attempt at misdirection by Moya, the Dwyr Tywyll city guard has started investigation into the targeting of the king’s soldiers by a murderous cult. There’s still another day before the pirate vessel Black Hand sails for Kashkir, but all the activity in the city certainly can’t make for a quiet getaway.

Play Report

The session opened by focusing on Sir Baldric as his story of the first day in Dwyr Tywyll was untold. (To influence a link test) Sir Baldric spent the first day in the port city searching the rumor mill and his upbringing to find a valid, socially acceptable reason to challenge Sir Catamere to a duel to the death. Sir Baldric recalls a time that Sir Catamere dared make a pass at Duke Roderick’s sister and decides that it is sufficient impetus to challenge Catamere on.

Upon returning to the inn (Pre-brawl) it is revealed to the party that Sir Baldric intends to murder Sir Catamere and steal his identity. Baldric fears that his noble visage will cause massive complications during the trip to Kashkir and throughout the search for Owain Aneurin, therefore he believes it wise to challenge another knight to a fight to the death, in the streets, and steal his identity after he’s slain. Eogan Ninian, as a peaceful man of the cloth, does his best to dissuade Baldric from his plan. Moya settles for convincing Baldric to kill Catamere away from any possible witnesses. Eogan and Baldric face off, with Baldric emerging victorious and determined to kill Catamere and steal his crest. Eogan refuses to help but (sucessfully) blesses Baldric to aid in his mission.

The morning post-bar fight, the party is awoken by the sounds of activity in the hall, the sounds of soldiers knocking on doors, one by one. Moya manages to hear enough to tell that they’re looking for the people who beat up and branded the soldiers. Facing jumping out of the window or attempting to talk their way out, the party goes with the latter. After hiding Eogan (and presumably Sir Madoc “The Blunt” who missed this session) in the wardrobe, Moya feigns nude under the covers while Baldric answers the door. Despite the innkeeper’s insistence that theirs is the right room, Moya’s “Illicit affair” act and Baldric’s “I demand respect and discretion!” attitude convince the soldiers, who move on.

Utilizing Moya’s ability to write and his own etiquette, Sir Baldric composes a letter to Sir Catamere, enticing him to come on a hunt by implying it would be rude to not accept. Moya delivers the letter and discovers that Catamere is now Captain of the Guard as well. They meet at the city gates and ride off into the wilderness to “hunt” with Moya accompanying to keep an eye on Baldric.

Eogan meanwhile takes the task of securing new lodgings upon himself. He books rooms at the only inn with vacancy and out of the way of the soldiers, the Rat Hole. Being the man of the cloth such as he is, he does all he can to help the innkeeper, basically forcing his good will upon him. All the innkeeper can think to have Eogan do is deal with a pesky leper who keeps coming around The Hole.

Once away from the city, Baldric taunts Catamere into a fight, with Catamere answering in kind concerning the captivity of Baldric’s younger brother. Moya readies a spell, but does not take any action, instead waits to see if her brother can handle Catamere on his own. Baldric begins a formal duel with Catamere (Fight!), both men having equal armor and weapons. Blows were exchanged, with Baldric landing two severe hits on Catamere. Once his opponent was downed, Baldric finished him and took the decorations of his identity and rank from the corpse. Moya then polished off the lunch she packed while she let Baldric dig the grave.

Eogan returns to the inn to make good on his promise to help the innkeep and finds the leper present. As a good priest would, Eogan decides to ask the gods to cure the leper. They go to the church of Plomae where Eogan prays for the leprosy to be lifted (Faith test). Instead, the god decides that to heal, Eogan must walk a day in the stricken’s shoes. He infects Eogan with advanced leprosy which will last through the next day (You know. The day they’re suppose to board the pirate ship.)

Test Log

1. Baldric
Ob 2 Noble Wise, Usurper-Wise fork = 3D, 3s

2. Baldric vs. Eogan
Vs. Falsehood : 1s Baldric

3. Eogan
Faith Ob3: Baldric gets +1D to Sword for duel against Catamere

Ob 3 Perception: 4s

5. Moya
Inconspicuous +1D Help (Baldric) vs. Ob 0

6. Moya
Ob 2 Write + 2D Help from Etiquette (Baldric), + 1D Etiquette FoRK: 2s

7. Baldric
B2 Circles 1D Rep 1D Affil +1D Advantage +1D help (Moya) = 6D vs. Ob 4 = 6s
1 Persona

8. Eogan
Streetwise (BL) Ob 2 (4) = 1s

9. Baldric vs. Catamere: Fight
Result: Badric slays Catamere

10. Eogan
Faith vs. Ob 5 Purification: Fail, gained Leprosy temporarily

Artha Awarded


  • Fate:
  • Persona: 3, Workhorse


  • Fate: 4
  • Persona: 1, MVP


  • Fate: 3
  • Persona: 1, Embodiment


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