Burning Theorsa

Session 07

1) I shall serve my duke, and I will aid him in his cause of restoring the throne. His son needs my guidance and I must earn his trust once more, no matter what cost.
2) Learn more from Houdin about what he knows of the crown and discuss a plan with him on what I can do to help him.
F) I must find a place to bring my respect to the three here in these heathen lands.
1) Keep to the path, and resist temptation.
2) Rebuke those who would stray to other gods.
3) Always be suspicious of new people.

Belief #1: My father would hold me accountable if harm were to come to Sir Baldric, I need to get him home safely
Belief #2: It’s vital Baldric’s ruse is not discovered, I will maintain our cover at whatever cost.
Belief #3: Rain of Fire could prove vital on the battle field, I will practice casting it while we’re in the non-flammable desert.
Instinct: When Surprised, Cast the Fear
Instinct: Never deny your magic.
Instinct: When alone with finery, steal it.

Belief: We must be the first to find the crown of Kings. I’ll lead and army to siege some fuck off port city.(2P, 1F)
Belief: Belief: Moya is a witch but I need her to find the heir. I’ll conscript a charm from Houdin to protect me from her sorcery.(3F)
Belief: I must serve my lord in secret; According to Sir Garrick’s Journal, he handed the child off to the first mate Kharim. That sounds like a Kashkir name to me. I’ll search for Kharims in the fuck off port city we sack.(3P)
Instinct: Always go by Sir Catamere. (2F)
Instinct: Always keep my sword at hand.
Instinct: Never look at Moya.(4F)


Eogan: Faith B4 vs Ob3 – 3s
Baldric: BL Strategy B4 + 1D Blessing + 2D Help (Soldiers) +1D Help (Moya) +1D Help (Eogan) + 3D Persona vs Ob 4(8) – 9s
Moya: Persuasion B4 +1D Help (Eogan) +2D FoRK + 1D Persona vs Ob 5 – 5s
Baldric: Intimidation B3 + 2D FoRK + 1D Help (Moya) vs Ob 4 – 3s
Moya: Sorcery B6 + 1D FoRK vs Ob 5: 6s
Moya: Forte B5 vs Ob 5: 2s
Baldric: Command B3 + 2D Fork vs Ob 3 – 3s
Baldric Persuasion B3 vs Ob 1 – 2s
Moya: Heath B5 vs Ob 3: 3s

Fate: 2
Persona: 5 (Workhorse, Embodiment)
Fate: 3 (Humor)
Persona: 2 (Embodiment, MVP)
Fate: 2


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