Burning Theorsa

Session 08

Belief: The kings army seeks the Crown of Kings, which they must not have. I’ll convince the Kashkyr to allow me to lead their forces against the king’s men.

Belief: Moya and I must be one one mind now, divided we will fail. I’ll convince them to suffer any punishment Kharim’s delivers upon us to complete our mission.

Belief: I must serve my lord in secret; Ferros’ bent nail we are fucked; I’ll convince Kharim that we are his allies by telling him our true identities and purpose.

Instinct: Always go by Sir Catamere.
Instinct: Always keep my sword at hand.
Instinct: Never raise my sword arm against Kharim.


1) I shall serve my duke, and I will aid him in his cause of restoring the throne. His son needs my guidance and I must earn his trust once more, no matter what cost.
2) The Heir must be alive, Kharim will show us where he has kept the boy.
F) I will use my faith to protect myself from the words of these cultists.

1) Keep to the path, and resist temptation.
2) Rebuke those who would stray to other gods.
3) Always be suspicious of new people.

Belief #1: My father would hold me accountable if harm were to come to Sir Baldric, I need to get him home safely
Belief #2: It’s vital Baldric’s ruse is not discovered, I will maintain our cover at whatever cost.
Belief #3: We must get the information Kharim has on the heir, I will help Baldric cultivate his help willingly but if it fails, I will choke it out of him if necessary.

Instinct: When Surprised, Cast the Fear
Instinct: Never deny your magic.
Instinct: Always position between Baldric and the threat in Fight!.


Duel of Wits
Kharim vs. Moya
Moya: Produce the Heir! / -2
Kharim: Lift the seige! / -1

Baldric vs. Moya
Persuasion B3 + 3D FoRK + 1D Persona = 3s vs. Falsehood B5 + 2D FoRK + 1D Help (Eogan) = 4s

Faith B5 vs Ob 3 = 4s

Command B3 + 2D FoRK + 1D Help (Moya) + 1D (Blessing) + 2D Persona vs. Ob 5 = 6s


Fate: 4 (Right Skill Right Time,)
Persona: 2 (Embodiment, MVP)
Deeds: 1
Fate: 2
Persona: 2 (Embodiment)
Deeds: 1
Fate: 2
Persona: 3 (Embodiment, Workhorse)
Deeds: 1


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