Burning Theorsa

Session 09

Belief #1: My father would hold me accountable if harm were to come to Sir Baldric, I need to get him home safely.
Belief #2: I will do everything I can to find the crown and keep it from the Usurper.
Belief #3: Owain needs to embrace his destiny, I will convince our arrival is proof his god wants him to rule Theorsa.
Instinct: When Surprised, Cast the Fear
Instinct: Never deny your magic.
Instinct: Always position myself between Baldric and danger.

1) The Heir is a lost sheep, and must be brought back to the flock. He must accept his true origins, and the culture that is his birthright.
2) The Heir’s protection is my pledge, I will protect him from harm until he proves himself capable of depending on himself.
F) The choices of faith are hard, and learning what one has of others is important. I will share the true faith of the three with the heir, and use his own lessons to guide him home.
1) Protect the heir from all physical threats.
2) Always have a story to share.
3) Trust the gods to guide my hand.

Belief: Owain must be ready to fight for the throne. I’ll give him his first taste of steel.
Belief: I must find a way to burn the last ashes of Sir Baldric’s memory. I’ll convince Moya to find a sorcerous way to make others forget.
Belief: I must serve my lord in secret; I must become Sir Catamere. I’ll convince Eogin to call me nothing else henceforth.
Instinct: Always go by Sir Catamere. (4F)
Instinct: Always keep my sword at hand. (1F)
Instinct: Never raise my sword arm against Kharim.(4F)


Eogan: Faith B4 vs Ob 3 = 3s (spent 2 fate)
Moya: BL Orienteering: B6 + 1D Advantage + 3D Help + 1D Blessing vs. Ob 3(6) = 8s
Baldric: B6 Sword vs B2 Brawling = 2s vs 1s
Baldric: Command B3 + 2D FoRKs + 2 Persona vs Ob 4 = 5s
Baldric: BL Instruction B4 + 1D Help (Eogan) vs. Ob 4(8) = 4s
Eogan: Faith B4 + 1 Persona vs Ob 5 + 5 Fate = 0s (Spent 5 fate)
Moya: Persuasion B4 + 1D FoRK + 1D Persona vs. Ob 4 = 5s
Baldric vs. Eogan – DoW
Baldric: I’m forever Sir Catamere! BoA: 0\5
Eogan: You will return to your rightful name ASAP! BoA: 4\6
Result: Eogan Wins! Will refer to Baldric as Catamere while in Kashkir
Eogan: Resources B2 vs Ob 2 = 2s
Baldric: BL Oasis-Wise B4 + 3D Help + 1D Persona vs Ob 2(4) = 3s
Moya: Perception B6 + 1D Advantage + 1D Help vs. Ob 4 = 7s
Baldric: BL Stealthy B5 + 2D Help Vs BL Observation B5 + 1D Help (+2 Ob) = 5s vs 3s
All: Situational Ob 4 Steel: Encountering anthropomorphic monsters.

Instinct: Brook no insults against my father!
Owain: -1D Light Wound

Artha Awards

Fate: 3
Persona: 1 (Workhorse)

Fate: 3
Persona: 1 (Embodiment)

Fate: 3
Persona: 2 (MVP)
Fate: 2


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