Afon Belrose

A former assassin now trying to fix his past, lost on a distant shore.


Age: 30

Life Path 1: City Born
Life Path 2: Criminal
Life Path 3: Bondsman (Captain)
Life Path 4: Desperate Murderer
Life Path 5: Scout

Will: B4
Perception: B4
Power: B3
Fort: B4
Agility: B4
Speed: B4

Reflexes: B4
Health: B5
Steel: B5
Hesitation: B6
Stride: 7

Circles: 2
Resources: 0

Armor Training B2
Assasination-Wise B2
Bow B4
Bowyer B2
Carving B2
Falsehood B2
Haggling B2
Inconspicuous B4
Intimidation B3
Sword B4
Observation B2
Orienteering B2
Stealthy B4

Beginner’s Luck:

Lucky (Can reroll a test once a game, or can sacrifice)
Man-hunter (can smell fear, acts as aura reading)
Sleep Talker
Hard-Hearted (can add 4 successes to resist DoW when believes promises broken)

Hunting Bow
Special Arrowhead
Long Sword
Reinforced Leather
Traveling Gear
Skill Toolkit (Bowyer)

Small, Modest Cottage

My former Bond Owner Adernt Wealh (5 minor sign, Hatred, Bonds Owner)

1) The Ophidians and Al-Amesh are planning something. The Sergeant wants me to find out what.
2) In this wasteland I have seen a familiar face. I will find out why she is here and if she is in danger.
3) That’s a Roderick, I’m certain of it. I never forget the face of the people I’ve harmed and, he looks like Aeric. I will find out the truth about his identity.

1) Always acknowledge those whose lives I’ve had an impact on.
2) Never turn my back to someone who is armed.
3) Answer aggression with steel.

Fate: 0
Persona: 0
Deeds: 0

Afon Belrose

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