Eogan Ninian

By Argent, By Ferros, By Plomae. The Silver Star, The Iron Nail, and the Lead coin. By mind, By strength, By body.


Age: 35

Life Path 1: City Born
Life Path 2: Temple Acolyte
Life Path 3: Priest
Life Path 4: Interpreter
Life Path 5: Court Priest

68 RP

Will: B5
Perception: B5
Power: B3
Fort: B4
Agility: B4
Speed: B3

Reflexes: B4
Health: B4
Steel: B4 OB
Hesitation: B5
Faith: B4
Stride: 7

Resources: 2
Circles: 2 – OB1

Doctrine: B2
Oratory: B2
Read: B2
Etiquette: B3
Write: B2
Foreign Languages: B3
Suasion: B3
History: B1
Religious History: B1
Instruction: B3
Ritual: B2
Seamanship: B2
Cooking: B1
Fire and Steel-Wise: B1

Beginner’s Luck:
Drinking: OB2
Streetwise: OB2
Falsehood: OB2
Bl Inconspicuous, Ob 1, 3s
Ob 2 BL Scavenging – 4s

Believer (-1 Ob for Faith used against me)
Vested (1D affiliation with the church)
Ink-Stained Hands
Royal Favorite
Ritually Scared (Tonsured) 1 (1d affiliation with the church)
Sonorous Voice (C-O Seduction, Persuasion, Suasion)
Resigned To Fate

Travel Clothing 1RP
Temple Garb 1RP
Priestly wrappings 1RP
Books Of The Three 1RP
Ritual Tools 8RP
Camping Gear 1RP
Sir Garrick’s Journal

The chapel and it’s halls of the Duke’s castle (4rp)

Affiliation as Vice of the priesthood of the lands of Duke Roderick, 1D 10RP
Respectable Reputation of the priesthood of the lands of Duke Roderick, 1D 7RP
Affiliation as Member of the priesthood of the lands of Therosa, 0D(+2D) 0RP
Affiliation as supporter of the Coastal Missionaries, 1D 10RP
Augur Morcant Cadeyrn, a priest of the coastal missionaries 10RP
Augur Iudocus Áedán, a priest in the capital of the lands of Therosa 5RP
Judoc Bricius, a herblist from around the lands of Duke Roderick, 5RP

1) The Heir is a lost sheep, and must be brought back to the flock. He must accept his true origins, and the culture that is his birthright.
2) Until he is capable of defending himself, The Heir’s protection is my pledge, I will protect him from harm.
F) We are entering a dangerous pit of sin and demons. I will use the blessed light of argent to guide and aid my companions.

1) Protect the heir from all physical threats.
2) Always have a story to share.
3) Trust the gods to guide my hand.

Fate: 15
Persona: 9
Deeds: 2


Born on the streets without family and “gifted” to the priesthood is not a way to spend your youth in excitement and adventure. Though I spent my early years in the tombs of the temple, I spent more time reading fables and stories of great legends. I dreamed of such things, a dream I still hold fondly, but a dream it will remain. Such flights of fancy are for the young. The real world is not so bright and full of charms.

I received my first scarring at 15. The right age for a proper faithful, the traditional one, over the heart. It wasn’t any more painful than those which would come. I served on the coast, with the old king’s delegation of trade and missionary. We brought the word of Argent, Ferros, and Plomae to the people there, lost Theorsans and coastal Kashkir’s. It was a good time, we did good work, and I learned many things as I picked up the Kashkir’s culture and learned things about them most Theorans dream fantasies about.

I meet the Duke then. Just before the Usurper took action. When word came of the falling, the mission pulled from the coast. It was too dangerous. The old king’s men fell back to the capital, and the Duke took our mission in for safety. Being on a trade route, my skill with language aided my Duke with his dealings, and I found myself in his court more than in the chapel. Something about his leadership has given me strength as my years have gone on.

I’m twenty scars in now. The world is so different from the dreams of my youth. I worry about what will come, but the Duke says our actions are for the greater good of the empire. I believe him, whole heartily.

Eogan Ninian

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