Owain Aneurin

The Exiled Prince


Stock: Human
Age: 17
Lifepaths: Born Noble, Prince of the Blood, Lead to Religious, Temple Acolyte

Belief 1: I must complete my sacred Pilgrimage; I will not leave my homeland until it is finished.
| Belief 2:
Lord Seleth is the true ruler of Kashkir. I will show the foreign Priest the true path to enlightenment.
Belief 3: I am no one’s king!
Instinct 1:
Instinct 2:
Instinct 3:

Character Traits:

  • Your Grace
  • Born to be King
  • Tonsured

Call-On Traits:

Die Traits:

  • Mark of Privilege – Grants 1D Affiliation with Theorsan Nobility and +1 Ob to Inconspicuous and Falsehood tests when masquerading as someone with a lower station.
  • Gifted – Allows the use of Sorcery


Wil Per Pow For Agi Spd
B4 B4 B4 B4 B4 B4


Hea Ref Stl Hes MW Stride Circles Resources
B4 B4 B2 6 B10 7 B2 B2

Reputations and Affiliations

  • 1D Reputation – Weird Foreign Kid
  • 1D Affiliation – Nobility of Theorsa

Gear, Possessions and Property
Shoes, Temple Robes, Aneurin Ducal Signet Ring, Writing Toolkit (parchments, inks and quills), Astrology Toolkit (astrolabe and star charts), small house, hidden treasure (4D Cash)


Skill Exponent
Write B2
Read B2
Doctrine B3
Temple-Wise B2
Brawling B2
Astrology B2
Rumor-Wise B3
Suasion B2
Mess-Wise B2


Su Li Mi Se Tr MW
B3 B5 B7 B8 B9 B10

Kharim, Adoptive Father


  • Fate: 2
  • Persona: 1
  • Deeds:

Owain Aneurin

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