Sir Baldric

The eldest son of Duke Roderick


Age 26

Belief: Battles are won by soldiers, wars are won by men; I’ll duel the leader of the attacking forces.

Belief: I can no longer live without Moya. She detests me because of my actions in Kashkyr, most of which is a drunken haze. To make amends, I must first find out what I did. I’ll get the information I need from Afon.

Belief: Ayernand is a symbol of what Kentigern has left behind: broken men. I’ll bring him to the front lines to send home this message “We will not yield!”

Instinct: Always fight under the rightful king’s banner.
Instinct: Always keep a stiff drink at the ready.
Instinct: Never besmirch Moya in public


Mark of Privilege (1D Affiliation with Nobility, +1 OB Inconspicuous and Falsehood to hide identity)
Sworn Homage (1D Affiliations with Nobility)
Aura of Determination

15 – Plated Mail
5 – Standard Quality Arms
1 – Traveling Gear
30 – Manor
2 – Sir Roderick (Minor, Immediate Family, Forbidden)


1. Born Noble 8 yrs 15 rp — Any
Skills: 5 pts: General
Traits:1 pt: Mark of Privilege (1F), Your Lordship, Your Eminence, Your Grace

2. Page 6 yrs 15 rp +1 P Soldier, City, Servitude
Skills: 7 pts: Riding, Brawling, Read, Write, Sword, Etiquette
Traits: 1 pt: —
If chosen, this path must be the character’s second lifepath and may only be taken once.

3. Squire 6 yrs 15 rp +1 M, P Soldier, City, Servitude, Outcast
Skills: 9 pts: Sword, Shield, Armor, Lance, Knives, Mounted Combat, Crossbow
Traits: 1pt: —
Requires Page or any Professional Soldier lifepath.

4. Knight 5 yrs 20 rp +1 P Soldier, City, Outcast, Religious
Skills: 10 pts: Mounted Combat, Shield, Armor, Appropriate Weapons, Intimidation, Falconry, Conspicuous
Traits: 2 pts: Sworn Homage
Requires Squire or Cavalryman.


Sir Baldric, eldest son of Duke Rodderick, loves his little brother, Aeric; loves him with a kind of delusional paternal love that sees no faults in him. He is convinced that Aeric will never be safe until the new king is deposed and he is freed by force.

To protect his brother however from the kings wrath, he’s killed another knight, Sir Catamere, and taken his name and crest.

Sir Baldric

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