Sir Madoc "The Blunt"

A short, dark man with a brusque attitude. He speaks his mind with only a passing care for etiquette but would do anything for his family and home.


Stock: Human
Age: 30
Lifepaths: Born Villager, Village Guard, Village Sergeant, Squire, Knight

Belief 1: Pirates are scum, I won’t be taken surprise by their inevitable betrayal.
Belief 2: Moya seems to have some strange influence over Baldric, I’ll help her deal with Houdin to get closer to her.
Belief 3: Eogan’s leprosy must remain hidden from the pirates to prevent him from being thrown overboard.

Instinct 1: Never publicly acknowledge the Usurper as king.
Instinct 2: Always be on the lookout for useful tools for binding wounds.
Instinct 3: Pray to the Old Gods every dawn and dusk.

Character Traits: Thug, Overworked, Pragmatic, Sense of Entitlement
Call-On Traits: None
Die Traits

  • Sworn Homage – Oath to a ruler, grants 1D Affiliation with Nobility
  • Tough – Round up when determining Mortal Wound

Wil B4, Per B5, Pow B5, For B4, Agi B4, Spd B4

Health B4, Ref B4, Stl B6, Hes 6, MW B11

Circles B2

  • 1D Reputation – Sir Madoc the Blunt
  • 1D Reputation – Champion of Redvale
  • 1D Affiliation – Nobility of Theorsa

Resources B2

  • Property: Villa near Redvale, Shack in the Gwiddonod Wood to the east of Redvale

Mace B5
Intimidation B4
Riding B2
Persuasion B2
Village-wise B2
Mending B2
Command B4
Field Dressing B5
Sword B3
Bribe-wise B3
Lance B2
Brawling B3
Conspicuous B2
Bow B2
Shield Training
Armor Training
Mounted Combat Training

PTGS: Sup B3, Li B5, Mid B7, Sev B9, Tr B10, MW B11

Gear and Possessions
Long Sword, Mace, Lance, Light Mail with Heater and Spagenhelm, Riding Mount, Clothes, Shoes, Traveling Gear

Ceridwen, wife and worshiper of the forbidden Old gods

Fate: 2
Persona: 4
Deeds: 1


Sir Madoc the Blunt is a rare example of a man who managed to raise his station in the world, and likewise an example of why that doesn’t always work out so well. His demeanor was shaped by his life as the son of a laborer and a young admittance into the City Guard. He demonstrated a certain talent for keeping the peace, likely due to his innate ability with a mace and a short tolerance for obfuscation. As such he rose to sergeant, and was in the perfect place and time to protect a traveling Lord loyal to the soon-to-be usurped king from an assassin, at the cost of six months of recovery and a lingering ache in his left side.

Impressed by this guard, Lord Roderick took Madoc as a squire and eventually Madoc earned his knighthood. His loyalty has always remained to the true lineage, and more directly to Roderick. Blunt as ever, Madoc has yet to learn the finer points of court etiquette, making himself quite unfavored by the Usurper.

Sir Madoc "The Blunt"

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