The Crown of Kings

A black iron crown, said to give the wearer the power to command armies.


This black iron crown is ugly, heavy and uncomfortable. However, it was the crown worn by the first kings of Theorsa, lost a millennium ago during the War of Sea and Stone. Legend says that the wearer of the Crown of Kings is not only the true ruler of Theorsa, but also gains power over the hearts and minds of his subjects.The Crown is a fairly powerful artifact, granting its bearer a number of abilities.

  • The Crown’s wearer is instantly recognized by all Theorsans as the rightful ruler of the realm.
  • The Crown grants the Commanding Aura trait.
  • It also grants +3D to Oratory tests when speaking to Theorsans.
  • Lastly, the Crown of Kings contains the spell matrix for the Song of Silence.

The Crown of Kings

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