Burning Theorsa

Session 01: The City by the Sea


The Duke’s agents have arrived at the port city of Dwyr Tywyll on a misty morning, only to find a contingent of the Usurper’s army, laden with gear and supplies enough for a long journey, already at the city gates, awaiting entry.

Play Report

Upon arrival at Dwyr Tywyll, the party finds a steady stream of the King’s guards, long and thick like a snake, entering the city gates. Erring on the side of caution, the party chooses to cover up the Duke’s crest & colors that they wear and enter the city unnoticed. Out of fear that, with the number of soldiers present, lodgings will be scarce, they find an inn with room.

Sir Madoc immediately heads to the docks to seek out Seamus Timothy, the local drunk whose big mouth is going to out the Old Faith. Sir Madoc happens to find Seamus just as the city guard is arresting him (due to a failed circles roll). Madoc manages to bribe the guards for time alone with Seamus, “just to talk”. When words fail to convince the drunkard to mind his mouth, violence does the trick.

Moya and Eogan meanwhile venture out to find a ship to convey them to the shores of Kashkir. (Failed Circles) They manage to find the first mate of a ship accepting passengers, however Moya (With Pirate-Wise) deduces that First Mate Liam, crew member of the Black Hand, is offering them passage on a pirate ship. Moya figures that riding with pirates is probably the safest and cheapest way to get to Kashkir. Liam names a price of 35 silver (Ob 3) but Eogan offers to cook and Moya offers the skills of herself and the knights, and haggles Liam down to 5 silver (1 Ob), which Eogan manages to pay with no problem.

Back at the inn, Sir Madoc doesn’t take the news of their booked vessel too poorly, and the party enjoys dinner and drink. Their quiet evening is interrupted however by three boisterous and drunk King’s guards, who, upon seeing the party sporting the Duke’s colors, proceed to call them cowards and losers (But in the nicest way…) Eogan and Moya begin to drink with the soldiers, managing to slip their drinks into the soldier’s cups while the soldiers aren’t looking, effectively drinking much, much less than their ale mates. In their drunken revelry, the soldiers let it slip that Dwyr Tywyll is teeming with soldiers for the usurper king’s “holy war”. Supposedly, there exists a crown that was worn by the first king of Theorsa that has been missing for generations. King Kentigern has decided to send as many men as it takes into Kashkir to reclaim the crown and return it to Theorsa.

All goes well until they insist upon toasting the King and Sir Madoc the Blunt makes a stand, claiming that Bryn Kentigern, the Usurper King, is no king of his. A brawl ensues with Sir Madoc beating the drunks into unconciousness. The party then hauls the beaten soldiers into the stable’s at Moya’s request. She asks for a sigil of the old gods, and Sir Madoc sketches the sign of a goddess of Death. Once Madoc escorts Eogan back into the inn, Moya brands the sigil into the back of the soldier’s hands. She had intended to make it appear that the soldiers were faithful to the old gods and therefore severely complicate their lives (they did call her a coward), however she mixes up her traditions and religious rituals and instead starts a rumor that there is a death cult in town targeting the King’s men.

Artha Awarded


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