Sir Garrick's Journal

A knight's journal, beaten and battered by weather and water.


Sir Garrick was a knight in the employ of Duke Taliesen Aneurin, charged with protecting his son, Owain, during the Usurper’s War. Much of the book is unreadable, but there are a few passages still legible.

It was this book that Duke Roderick came into possession of that spurred him to send his son and companions to Kashkir to look for Owain.

Some of the still readable passages can be found below.

3rd Day of Ches, 1241

Lord Aneurin has charged us with protecting his child. I cannot say that I don’t have reservations about the honor – Kentigern is vicious about clearing out the line of succession, and I’ve seen what happens to those who stand in the way of his men when they come to collect the Aneurin children. Still, I must do as my lord commands. The throne should be Owain’s by right, should he make it to his day of majority. I will make sure that happens, Kentigern and his torturers be damned.

15th Day of Bel, 1241

We’ve managed to make it to Dwyr Tywyll in Calaedd. We should be able to find a ship here to take us across the sea. Bandon argued that we should head north and leave the babe in Stormwarden or Redvale, but Calaedd has sided with the Usurper, and her armies march north to deal with Rodrick. I told him there was no way that we’d be able to slip past the front alive. I think he just fears the sea.

Word has reached me that my lord Duke has fallen in battle in Aneur. It seems that Owain is now the last of the Aneurin line. I fear that Plomae and Ferros have abandoned us for sure, for Argent certainly shines brightly on Kentigern.

8th Day of Winterwatch 1241

Above deck, I can hear the men dying. I can’t walk, much less fight. They had to drag me down here. I fear that we’ve lost.

Kentigern’s ships followed us from Dwyr Tywyll. We thought we’d made it, but their sails showed up on the horizon a month after we sailed west. Captain Daniyal tried to evade them, but to no avail. Kharim, the first mate, says that the Kashkiri coast is a day or two away, according to the charts. We almost made it.

Blood keeps dripping through from the deck above. The screams seem to have quieted some. I’ll give it to the Kashkiri, they’re vicious fighters. Bandon’s coughing wetly in the corner. Plomae, be kind to him. He was a valiant man.

It’s cold down here. Kharim tells me that he and some of the crew are abandoning ship. The Captain thinks he can hold Kentigern’s men off long enough. They’ve offered to take me, but I fear there’s no way I could make it the two day trip. I’ll be more useful with a blade in my hand, legless or no. I’ve given Owain over to Kharim, made him promise to keep the boy safe. At least there’s some hope the child will live. He can take the boy’s belongings, too. Gods be with them both.

Sir Garrick's Journal

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