The Trolls of Theorsa plague bays and waterways, extorting bribes from sailors for safe passage to the sea.

Game Information


Wi Pe Ag Sp Po Fo
B3 B3 B4 B4 B8 B8


Hea Ref MW Ste Hes Stride Circles Resources
B5 B3 B14 B5 7 7 B1 B2

Reputations & Affiliations

Reputation: 1D Bully of the Seas


  • Brawling B5
  • Sea-Wise B2
  • Stealthy B3
  • Intimidation B5
  • Extortion B3
  • Reef-Wise B3


Die Traits

  • Clawed
  • Fangs
  • Sea Blooded
  • Fish Eye
  • Massive Stature
  • Sea’s Age
  • Tough
  • Troll Skin
  • Fish Lungs

Traits in bold are new traits detailed below.

Call-On Traits

  • Bellowing (Call-On for Intimidation)

Character Traits

  • Voracious Carnivore
  • Boor

New Traits

Sea Blooded (Dt, 2 Pts.)

Sea Trolls are born of the deep waters and cannot be away from it for long. If a troll dries out, it calcifies into a coral-like substance.

Sea’s Age(Dt, 2 Pts.)

Like many of the sea’s creatures, trolls can live and grow under the waves for a very long time. Thus, trolls age slowly.


Su Li Mi Se Tr MW
B5 B7 B9 B12 B13 B14


Unlike standard trolls, the trolls of Theorsa cannot “upgrade” their Troll Skin trait to Stone Skin, as the weight and hardness of the natural armor would prevent efficient swimming.


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